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High Pressure Horizontal Steam Sterilizer Cylindrical

(Triple Walled with Steam Jacket & Boiler)

 Semi Automatic - Digital Model :

  • Digital display of temperature and timer.
  • Inner chamber, outer wall, boiler & steam jacket are made  of  S.S. 304 Grade.
  • The complete unit mounted on tubular stand
  • Middle Chamber: Stainless Steel 304
  • Lid : Stainless steel 304
  • Radial Locking system : Made of steel bars
  • Accessories included:

1.Automatic pressure control switch(APC)
2.Automatic Low water cut off arrangement(ALW)
3.Vacuum Breaker
4.Pressure Gauge
5.Water level indicator
6.Safety Valve
7.Steam Release Valve 



Distinguishing Features :

1) Single panel feather touch LED microprocessor controller

2) Simultaneous display of temperature & time.

3) Timer starts automatically as soon as the set temperature is

     attained & stop the cycle automatically as soon the time is


Power supply : As per depand on site




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