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Nitrogen Generators: has a wide range of industrial application.


Operation of Nitrogen Generators :

One of the most popular applications of PSA Technology is in the

operation of Nitrogen Generators.

This Process is based on the selective adsorption phenomena of gas

molecules which is Carbon based Molecular Sieve (C. M. S.)

In Pressure Swing Adsorption system as soon as compressed air is entered

through an adsorption tower filled with Carbon Molecular Sieve, the molecules

of gases like oxygen, moisture & other undesired gases are adsorbed on

surface of the adsorbent. While Nitrogen that is not adsorbed passes out of

adsorption tower. It is then collected in a surge vessel. For continuous

flow of Nitrogen two adsorption towers are installed. They are inter

connected with Auto change over valves. These Auto change over

valves are controlled by Timer Circuit, as the saturation of one tower

with oxygen gets completed, in built mechanism makes the process

automatically switch to another tower and thus the nitrogen production

remains continuous.


Salient Features :

Nitrogen Generator for low investment

Low Electric power consumption.

Calibrated needle valve to adjust purge flow.

No moving parts. Hence negligible maintenance.

Easily installed - just make the air connection &

plug in the electrical power cord.

Skid mounted unit need no pounds.

Pressure capacity : from 4.0 - 7.0 Kg/cm2



Tecnical Specifications :

Moisture Content < 2 ppm

Oxygen < 5 ppm

Total Hydro Carbon < 0.3 ppm

CO & CO2 < 2 ppm

Purity of Gas : UHP / GC Grade

Micron Particulates < 0.01 Micron

2 2 Capacity of Gas : 300 ml/Min at 6 kg/cm & 800 ml/Min at 6 kg/cm

Method of Purification : Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

Room Temperature : 5 - 30ºC

S upply : 230VAC ± 10%,50Hz


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