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Axiva Touff Glassware are manufactured using low expansion 3.3 har borosilicate glass, characterized by their high heat-resistance and chemical stability.

Because of its properties, this glass is used in situations which place the highest demands on the heat-resistance and chemical stability of products as well as their neutrality with respect to the substances or preparations with which they come into contact, i.e. in Chemistry, Petro chemistry, the Food, Energy and metal working industries, health care, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering and Laboratories.

The Glass used in manufacturing Axiva Touff Glassware are smooth, non-porous and perfectly transparent with no catalytic action, and are corrosion-resistant even in demanding operating conditions upt0 300 °C without sudden changes of temperature. Touff Glassware is an environmental-friendly product and is completely harmless from an ecological point of view.

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