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Digital Friability Test Apparatus is a precision instrument suitable for measuring
obression strenght of tablets. The unit is equipped with two transparent acrylic
drums which rotates at a speed of 25 ± 1 rpm. Each of the two acrylic drums are
provided with an arm which carries the tablets along with it up to a predetermined
height and allows them to fall from that specified height, while the drums are
rotating. It is fitted with the digital revolution counter showing the current number of
revolution for the test. A thumb wheel switch is used to set the desired number of
rotations. Provision is made to remove the lid of the acrylic drum by unscrewing just
one knob. Model 903 is availabe in 1 drum and Model 902 is in 2 drum assemblies.

Technical Data

ACCURACY ± 1 revolution

RESOLUTION 1 revolution

DISPLAY 0 - 999 revolution on 3 digit red LEDS

NO. OF DRUMS  2 Nos / 1 Nos


POWER  230V ± 10%, 50Hz. Ac

DRUM SPEED 25+ 1 rpm.





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