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Water Distillation Apparatus

The apparatus is ideal for clinics, hospitals laboratories and pharmaceutical unit or for
chrome-plating use as it provides single distilled water pH.7.0
Complete unit is made of stainless Steel with all features like low water cut off device etc. This
apparatus has been improved design by adopting “liquid-level sensor to control water level,
which can prevent heating element(s) from being injured due to low water. The product is well
made of fine and specially treated stainless-steel material, which ensure the quality of the
distilled water.




  • Evaporating drum : Made of stainless steel
  • Electric control panel : Water level cut-off device
  • Rubber and sealing ring : Between the boiler & lid
  • ntake Control valve : For water inlet.
  • Return water pipe : Made of Stainless Steel


Water Produce                      5L / 10L / 20L hr

Power consumption              4.5 KW (Single Phase) / 7.5 KW (Dubble Phase) / 15KW  (Dubble Phase)

Input Power                           220 V / 380V / 380V



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